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Product Range

From Coin Purses to Crossbody Bags.....Glasses Pouches to Dog Walking Bags....there's something for everyone!

Lots of items are readymade & available to buy through my Etsy Shop.

Bags are made to order using my Build-a-Bag service.

See something you like but not in your favourite Oilcloth? Then please Contact me and I'll be happy to make it for you.

Bespoke Bags

- styles include Crossbody, Shoulder, Handbags, Tote Bags....

Large Zip Purses

- a zip purse lined with co-ordinating cotton. Great for makeup, medication...

Glasses Pouches

- a padded pouch suitable for a standard size pair of spectacles or sunglasses

MakeUp Bags

- lined with a wipeable fabric. Great for travelling.

Coin Purses

- a great gift for children. Ideal for keeping pocket money safe!

Tablet Sleeve

- made to order, to fit your tablet, with a padded lining. Great for taking it out and about!

Toiletries Bags

- larger than the Makeup Bag & also lined with a wipeable fabric. Great for travelling

Pencil Cases

- great for school or the office. Bright, bold and holds loads of stationary

Mobile Phone Pouches

- handy when you just want to carry your phone.

Dog Walking Bags

- with handy poo-bag dispenser and treat pocket

Travel Change Mats

- a foldable mat with pockets for nappies & wipes

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