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Claire Grimshaw Owner of StitchedUpByClaire

Welcome to StitchedUpByClaire

I love to sew and make Bags - you can't have too many!


After having my son in 2010 I decided to put my career in the Food Industry on hold to be a stay-at-home Mum. Pretty soon my brain was going to mush!

So I started a local evening class in Bagmaking - an opportunity to make my own Bags seemed too good to be true!

We made an Oilcloth shopper bag and I fell in love with this type of fabric. It's so durable and practical but comes in so many bold, beautiful prints. It holds its shape so well and really lends itself towards bagmaking.

Pretty soon I was making all of my projects in Oilcloth - which was challenging to say the least!

Feedback from friends and family was so positive that I decided to start selling my creations - and StitchedUpByClaire was born!

I never did quite make it back into the Food Industry but their loss is the Accessories worlds gain!!

All of my items are handmade by me, on my dining room table in Nottingham, UK.

I sew with attention to details and have a perfectionist attitude.

I love to create bespoke, made-to-measure Bags with my customers - I take a lot of pride in knowing I've created something just for them, to meet their preferences and needs.

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